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The Mail Newspapers End Publishing

The Mail Newspapers End Publishing

As of July 17, 2022, all ten community editions of the Mail Newspapers will cease operations. The Sunday, July 17 edition will be the final issue of the newspaper.

According to the publisher of the Mail Newspapers, Robert Fang, a lack of advertiser support in conjunction with steadily and sharply increasing prices of items needed to produce and distribute the newspapers, made the business model unsustainable. 

“Prices for newsprint paper, ink, gas, and postage have all increased significantly in the last several months”, Fang said. “Sadly, our advertising revenue did not keep up.” 

Paid subscribers to all ten editions of the Mail Newspapers, whose subscription has not expired as of July 17, will be receiving a refund of the pro-rated portion of their subscription cost. 

Advertisers who have pre-paid, and have a portion of their contract extending beyond July 17, will also be receiving a refund of their unused advertising.
Refunds checks are scheduled to begin being sent on Monday, August 8.

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