What Lengths Would You Go to for Someone

What Lengths Would You Go to for Someone

Sara Mitich in CONTROL


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Genre: SciFi, Thriller, Supernatural
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 2h 9m
Director(s): James Mark
Writer(s): James Mark, Matthew Nayman
Cast: Sara Mitich, George Tchortov, Evie Loiselle
Where To Watch: Available in select theaters September 23; On Demand and Digital September 27

RAVING REVIEW: A psychological thriller that takes a standard “what would you do” storyline and flips it on its head.

I haven’t seen any of director James Mark’s other films, but if this was anything to go off of, I’ve been missing out! Although the face of this film is undoubtedly Sara Mitich (STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, THE EXPANSE) as Eileen, who pulls you into her mind and makes you feel the same stress she is. I couldn’t get the feeling out of my mind that she looked familiar; finally, after watching, I checked IMDb and found out that she played two different characters in STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. While I haven’t caught up on DISCOVERY, I instantly knew who she was, and it all made sense.

Defined by the back-and-forth twists in the film and the substantial differences in the “flashbacks,” we get an idea of just how stressful the situation she’s in is. Full credit goes to cinematographer Russ De Jong for the accomplishments in the film; the constraints weren’t ideal for cinematography, but between the look of the shots and the set design, I was right there the entire time.

I always pride myself in leaving my reviews spoiler-free; with that said, one could almost consider these mentions spoilers, but good luck finding the connections. The entire film reminded me of SAW, CUBE, and THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, all in entirely different ways from those films but almost as an homage to them. Intentional or not, I loved the process of seeing my inspiration in them.

There’s something so pleasing about a trip that even keeps the watcher out of the loop. The mystery in the film will keep you searching for clues, and you may feel like you’re running in circles by the end, but that made the journey that much better. I love having to connect the dots myself, and this film was full of opportunities to do just that.

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