Just Because You Haven't Heard of It, Doesn't Mean It Isn't Good

Just Because You Haven't Heard of It, Doesn't Mean It Isn't Good

Neil Maskell in BULL [Copyright Saban Films]


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Genre: Thriller
Year Released: 2021, Blu-ray (9/26/2022)
Runtime: 1h 28m
Director(s): Paul Andrew Williams
Writer(s): Paul Andrew Williams
Cast: Neil Maskell, David Hayman, Tamzin Outhwaite, Lois Brabin-Platt
Where To Watch: Releases 9/26, available to pre-order on (region B)

RAVING REVIEW: Revenge is a dish best served cold is the often overused tagline but ultimately one of the most fitting for this film!

The etymology of the above tagline comes from French author Eugène Sue and his novel, “Memoirs of Matilda. “The English translation of the work by D.G. Osbourne, published in 1846, has the phrase appear as follows. “And then revenge is very good eaten cold, as the vulgar say.” This works so well for this film because Neil Maskell’s character Bull returns home after a 10-year absence to exact revenge on those who did him wrong years ago.

I was a little confused when I saw this release from Second Sight. They traditionally release films that I’m already familiar with (MONSTER, THE VVITCH, THE GUEST, DOG SOLDIERS, WALKABOUT, RAW, DRIVE, THE BABADOOK, etc.) However, I had never even heard of this one, which intrigued me even more. What was this mystery film that I hadn’t heard of?

Thankfully, this was a solid question to ask and only solidifies my trust in Second Sight and their continued lineup of releases. While they release a lot of horror films, even the ones that aren’t horror are exciting movies. This low-budget film was shot in only 18 days but doesn’t suffer from those restraints. The cast was perfect for their roles, and the story was kept simple, allowing them to focus on their evolution throughout the film.

- Audio Commentary with Writer / Director Paul Andrew Williams & Actor Neil Maskell
- Kindness and Rage: a new interview with Director Paul Andrew Williams
- Funfairs, Abattoirs and Burning Caravans: An interview with Producer Dominic Tighe
- Dealing with Fear: An interview with Producer Leonora Darby

- Rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal
- Soft cover book with new essays by Andrew Graves, Elena Lazic & Megan Navarro
- Six collectors' art cards

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