A Collection of Horror Shorts

A Collection of Horror Shorts [Courtesy of 20th Digital]

Bite Size Halloween (season 3)

NR (adult content)     

Genre: Horror
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 21 shorts (ranging from 2 to 15 minutes)
Where To Watch: Streaming exclusively on Hulu on October 1, 2022

RAVING REVIEW: There is no better way to start the month of October than with a group of horror shorts. This is going to become a regular thing for me! Some truly visionary examples of storytelling and incredible visuals mixed in.

I’ve gone back and forth with the best way to cover these shorts for you and the best way to show my appreciation for the work these casts and crew put in to bring their visions to life. In the end, I decided simple was best. I’m going to simply list the director and writer (who in most cases are the same) and then the cast list and a few words about each film. This was important because many of these films are from diverse, emerging BIPOC filmmakers worldwide. “Bite Size Halloween showcases queerness in both the content of the short films and the artists who bring them to life.” Not all the following productions are from queer artists, but many are!

It’s funny; when you look at a bunch of shorts, you don’t realize how quickly they add up. With some as short as 2 minutes and an average of about 8 minutes added together, you suddenly get two hours and 53 minutes total runtime.

I can’t wait to go back and watch the series' first two seasons (season 1 has 28 shorts and season 2 has 19) when I have more time (spooky season is busy for a horror fan movie reviewer.)

1. NIAN - Overcoming racism
     Director/Writer: Michelle Krusiec
     Featuring: Lauren Mei, Ava DeVoe, Dawn Saito

2. TICKS - A mystic presence
     Director/Writer: Sam Max
     Featuring: Brigette Lundy-Paine (they/them), Erin Markey (they/them), Massima Bell (she/her)

3. SNATCHED - Battles of coming out
     Director/Writer: Michael Schwartz
     Featuring: Tatiana Maslany, Brendan Hines, Misha Osherovich (they/them), Alexander Panagos, Leon Jones, Jenna Johnson, Mellora Green, Melonie Green, Elke Brucker, Sid & Nancy Ganis

4. NZU - Battling the past for the present
     Director/Writer: Conscian Morgan
     Writer: Will Clempner
     Featuring: Shaun Yusuf McKee, Rebecca Layoo, Joseph Mydell, Dada Ashi, Yvonne Campbell, Derrick Mintah

5. BUG - The stress of being a parent can add up
     Director/Writer: Coral Amiga & Nicole Hartley
     Featuring: Bethany Dodd, Chloe Pirrie

6. INCOMPLETE - The demons that haunt you
     Director/Writer: Zoey Martinson
     Featuring: Marchant Davis, David Costabile

7. REMOTE - Friends come in all forms
     Director/Writer: Eric Jungmann
     Featuring: Eris Baker, Lin Shaye, Jaden Rogers, Rawle D. Lewis, Eric Jungmann

8. LIVE BAIT - Be careful not to underestimate anything
     Director/Writer: Andrew Laurich
     Writer: Chris Hyde
     Featuring: Brian Donahue, Roberto Lopez (stunts), Stephanie Vovou (stunts), John EcEnerney (stunts), Mike Carew (stunts)

9. FOREIGNERS ONLY - Struggles within your own “home”
     Director/Writer: Nuhash Humayun
     Featuring: Mostofa Monwar, Jamie Paterson, Rebecca N Ali, Tasilima Hossain Nodi, Iresh Zaker, MD. Iqbal Hossain, Subhashis Bhowmik, Jahangir Alam

10. MR. CROCKET - Sometimes, you can push someone too far
     Director/Writer: Brandon Espy
     Featuring: Cecelia Friday, Cam Montgomery Jr., Juliano Valdi

11. ANGELS - Those above aren’t always what they seem
     Director: Samantha Aldana
     Writer: Parsons Twesten
     Featuring: Betsy Borrego, Jupiter Stone, Troi Bechet

12. DISPOSAL - Some things are more literal than others
     Director/Writer: Luka Wilson
     Featuring: Dion Costelloe, Morgan Saylor, Dakota Hill, Brandon Suering, Annie Pisapia, Angela Gomez, Weston Serame, Jodi Lynne Decrenza, Nick Baudille

13. THE HERITAGE - Body horror that goes a step further
     Director/Writer: Andrew Rutter
     Writer: Chris Butler
     Featuring: Matt McClure, Bruce Jones, Kathryn Georghiou, Emily Swain, Susan Frater

14. FRACTURE - What truth do you want to believe
     Director/Writer: Jon K. Jones
     Featuring: Jordan Duvigneau, Liz Kettle

15. BAD RABBIT - You can only be treated like garbage for so long
     Director/Writer: Rebekka Johnson & Kate Nash
     Featuring: Rebekka Johnson, Kate Nash, Melinda deKay

16. SLEEP STUDY - Is sleep always the best thing for you
     Director/Writer: Natalie Metzger
     Featuring: Olivia Applegate, Kevin Changaris, Joey Wilson, Zoe Craig

17. GO TO BED, RAYMOND - Sometimes you have to believe
     Director: Nikki Taylor-Roberts
     Writer: Casimir Nozkowski
     Featuring: Carvens Lissaint, Adam Blackstone Jr., Siovhan Christensen

18. THE KAPRE - Bigfoot has nothing on this
     Director/Writer: Carlo Ledesma
     Featuring: Tippy Dos Santos, Nico Locco, Antonio Adlawan

19. ALONE WITH HIM - A terror within yourself
     Director/Writer: Marcus Okami
     Featuring: Cindy Rodrigues, Mikael Vecchio

20. TRESPASSERS - Be careful when you go where you aren't welcome
     Director/Writer: Robin Takao D'Oench
     Featuring: Isabelle Du, Adam Zastrow, Luke Massy, Jannik Ouwersloot

21. RIDE OR DIE - Sometimes, you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time
     Director(s)/Writer(s): Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum
     Featuring: Sean Whalen, Brandon Halvorsen, Kellie Cage, Bianca Diezmo


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