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Officers' Roles Under Microscope

Convicting A Murderer - Episode 4

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Genre: Documentary
Year Released: 2023 -
Runtime: 10 x 45m episodes
Where To Watch: Episode five will be live on DailyWire+ tomorrow, followed by one episode each Thursday after; Ep 1-2 are in front of the DailyWire+ paywall, and three onward are for members only.

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RAVING REVIEW: As we enter the realm of CONVICTING A MURDERER's fifth episode, "Manitowoc's Web," the story unfolds further into an intricate puzzle centering around Steven Avery. No sidelined as an ancillary portion of the story, the Manitowoc Sheriff's Department claims a central role, hinting at being more involved than previously let on, especially when a $36 million lawsuit looms large over Manitowoc County.

Candace Owens attempts to break down the confusing web surrounding the lawsuit. With whispers around officers like Colburn and Lenk worrying over the case? Owens cuts through the chatter, revealing their positions as mere witnesses without the weight of potential financial loss. One might imagine officers harboring resentment against Avery, considering the shared history. But Owens promptly breaks such rumors,  reminding us that reality is often messier and less scripted than expected. Some of her true colors are coming out in a stretch of faith. Officers juggling roles in small communities are more common than you'd think. Coming from a small town myself, I get that thought process, but this may be the most significant stretch of the series so far.

Now, for a dash of cinematic suspense in this true crime docuseries, the unexpected find of Teresa Halbach’s RAV4 license plates. Forget what you thought you knew; the plot thickens as these plates are discovered. I’ll agree, sometimes, if things seem too “convenient,” they may be. Ironically, this episode has me pulled in two different directions.

Revisiting the initial episodes, they felt like a jump into the pool's deep end. With Candace Owens providing depth and perspective, it was like adjusting to a new lens. With her analysis, Owens illuminates the darker corners of Avery's past, presenting an alternative to the Netflix narrative many are familiar with.

Episode four was an emotional seesaw. As each detail about Avery's life, including tidbits about Jodi and the elusive B. Janda, was revealed, it felt like unmasking a character layer by layer. What strikes me most about CONVICTING A MURDERER is its commitment to uncovering the truth. Under the guidance of Owens, the narrative, with all its raw edges and artistic nuances, showcases the potency of storytelling. I am still hesitant; as I mentioned, this episode had a more familiar tone to Owens and some of her preconceived ideas, but as a whole, it is in good faith so far.

As the credits roll on "Manitowoc's Web," my appetite for the story grows. While the allure of the well-known Netflix series remains, my attention is firmly gripped by this account, and I am excited to watch the Netflix series after this to compare the two. With every episode, it becomes clear: documentaries like these aren't just to display facts but to challenge, enchant, and enlighten viewers.

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